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Rehabilitació acústica i lumínica del poliesportiu cobert i del teatre adjacent de la parròquia de "Nuestra señora de los Dolores" ubicada al districte de Sants-Montjuïc
Aran Maza, Bernat; Ruiz Gómez, Octavi
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Departament de Física Aplicada; Peñaranda Ayllón, Angelina
The main objective of our project is the acoustic and light rehabilitation of a sports hall and the theatre next to it. Both situated in Barcelona, specifically in Badal neighbourhood, area of Sants – Montjuïc. After a theoretical introduction which explains the essential concepts related to acoustics and light that afterwards will be used in the project, it has been carried out a first study of the building which has let us to offer a description of their main characteristics as well as the diagnosis of their current situation. At this stage it has been done a plan making using Autocad with different views and sections which provide enough information to carry out the models in 3D with Google Sketch-up. These will be the ones that we will take as a reference in the softwares responsible for the light and acoustic study. After that it has been done the acoustic study of the enclosures related with airborne noise insulation and room acoustics. These studies have been carried out measuring on site as well as with theoretical calculus. The comparison between them has allowed us to characterize the acoustic performance of some of the materials which are hard to be found in specialised books. Once finished the phase of the acoustic study, taking into account the modifications done in the parameters of both enclosures, using the program DiaLux we have reproduced a simulation with actual data obtained on site in the sports hall and the theatre. After having analized both current situations, we have designed a proposal that adapts both spaces to the light and energetic efficiency parameters desired. Finally, to synthesise all the actions carried out in the theatre and the sports hall, both acoustic and light, we provide an itinerary in 3D using Sketch-up which also shows the modifications in the facings.
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