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Pork Barrel politics in semi-democracies: the Spanish 'Parlamentary roads', 1874-1915
Curto Grau, Marta; Herranz Loncán, Alfonso; Solé Ollé, Albert
Universitat de Barcelona
This paper analyzes the effects of parliamentary representation on road infrastructure expenditure during the Spanish Restoration. Using a panel dataset of Spanish provinces in 1880-1914 we find that the allocation of administrative resources among provinces depended both on the delegation characteristics (such as the share of MPs with party leadership positions, and their degree of electoral independence), and the regime"s global search for stability. These results point to the importance of electoral dynamics within semi-democratic political systems, and offer an example of the influence of government tactics on infrastructure allocation.
Infraestructures (Transport)
Creixement econòmic
Transportation buildings
Economic growth
(c) The Economic History Association, 2012
Cambridge University Press

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