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Design control and monitoring of a jet grouted excavation bottom plug
Eramo, N.; Modoni, Giuseppe; Arroyo Alvarez de Toledo, Marcos
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Departament d'Enginyeria del Terreny, Cartogràfica i Geofísica
Jet grouting is adopted in different geotechnical conditions to ensure provisional earth retaining and waterproofing functions at the bottom and walls of excavations. Despite careful theoretical models avail-able to predict the mechanical response of these structures, design is often carried out without adequate con-trol, i.e. by assuming ideal effectiveness of ground improvement. On the contrary, adverse effects have been documented by past experiences which can be traced back to erroneous prediction of treatments effects, inac-curate control of the execution or to unexpected responses of the surrounding environment. All these uncertainties, which become particularly critical when excavation is performed in urbanized areas, can be mini-mized by detailed preliminary field trials, accurate controls of the execution of treatments and a prompt monitoring of the surrounding area. The present paper describes this methodology applied to the design and the execution of a massive jet grouting bottom plug forming the base of a large excavation in city environment. The results of preliminary field trials are summarized to directly compare the effectiveness of different injection systems and introduced in statistical design analyses of the jet grouted structure. A detailed investigation of the movements induced at ground level by injections is also reported. To this aim, the evolution of displacements recorded around trial columns and on the area surrounding the excavation is mapped to evaluate the effects of the different adopted injection techniques.
Àrees temàtiques de la UPC::Enginyeria civil::Geotècnia::Túnels i excavacions
Retaining walls--Design and construction
Adverse effect
Design control
Earth retaining
Execution control
Field trial
Geotechnical conditions
Ground improvement
Injection systems
Injection techniques
Jet grouting
Mechanical response
Statistical design
Surface movement
Surrounding environment
Theoretical models
Urban areas
Murs de contenció -- Disseny i construcció
Túnels -- Construcció -- Catalunya -- Barcelona
CRC Press/Balkema

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