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Una aproximación a la evolución de la ciencia regional en España a través de las contribuciones a las Reuniones de Estudios Regionales (1973-2004)
Herranz Loncán, Alfonso
Universitat de Barcelona
This paper presents a bibliometric analysis of the contributions that have been presented to the 30 Spanish Regional Studies Meetings which have been hold since 1973. Firstly, the paper displays rankings of the authors and institutions that have participated more actively in the Meetings. Secondly, the paper analyses the main changes in the objectives, topics and research techniques of the contributions, as well as in the scientific specialisation of their authors. This analysis allows drawing some conclusions on the evolution of Regional Science in Spain throughout the last 30 years.
Economia regional
Ciència regional
Regional economics
Regional science
(c) Asociación Española de Ciencia Regional, 2005
Asociación Española de Ciencia Regional

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