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Characterization and simulation of a CdTe detector for use in PET
Ariño Estrada, Gerard
Chmeissani, Mokhtar; De Lorenzo, Gianluca; Institut de Física d'Altes Energies
The Voxel Imaging PET (VIP) Path nder project got the 4 year European Research Council FP7 grant in 2010 to prove the feasibility of using CdTe detectors in a novel conceptual design of PET scanner. The work presented in this thesis is a part of the VIP project and consists of, on the one hand, the characterization of a CdTe detector in terms of energy resolution and coincidence time resolution and, on the other hand, the simulation of the setup with the single detector in order to extend the results to the full PET scanner. An energy resolution of 0.98% at 511 keV with a bias voltage of 1000 V/mm has been measured at low temperature T=-8 ºC. The coincidence time distribution of two twin detectors has been found to be as low as 6 ns FWHM for events with energies above 500 keV under the same temperature and bias conditions. The measured energy and time resolution values are compatible with similar ndings available in the literature and prove the excellent potential of CdTe for PET applications. This results have been presented in form of a poster contribution at the IEEE NSS/MIC & RTSD 2011 conference in October 2011 in Valencia and at the iWoRID 2012 conference in July 2012 in Coimbra, Portugal. They have been also submitted for publication to "Journal of Instrumentation (JINST)" in September 2012.
539 - Constitució física de la matèria
Detectors electroquímics
Tomografia per emissió de positrons
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