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Gas Storage with Compressed Air Energy Storage
Díaz Llobera, Irina
Foley, Dr. A.
Installed wind capacity in the European Union is expected to continue to increase due to renewable energy targets and obligations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Renewable energy sources such as wind power are variable sources of power. Energy storage technologies are useful to manage the issues associated with variable renewable energy sources and align non-dispatchable renewable energy generation with load demands. Energy storage technologies can play different roles in electric power systems and can be used in each of the steps of the electric power supply chain. Moreover, large scale energy storage systems can act as renewable energy integrators by smoothening the variability of large penetrations of wind power. Compress Air Energy Storage is one such technology. The aim of this report is to examine the technical and economic feasibility of a combined gas storage and compressed air energy storage facility in the all-island Single Electricity Market of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland in order to optimise power generation and wind power integration. This analysis is undertaken using the electricity market software PLEXOS ® for power systems by developing a model of a combined facility in 2020.
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Renewable energy sources
Energy storage
Gas -- Storage
Compressed air -– Storage
Energies renovables
Energia -- Emmagatzematge
Gas -- Emmagatzematge
Aire comprimit -- Emmagatzematge
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya;
Queen's University Belfast

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