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Fronts with continuous waiting-time distributions: Theory and application to virus infections
Fort, Joaquim; Pérez Losada, Joaquim; Úbeda de la Casa, Esmeralda; García, F.J.
We generalize to arbitrary waiting-time distributions some results which were previously derived for discrete distributions. We show that for any two waiting-time distributions with the same mean delay time, that with higher dispersion will lead to a faster front. Experimental data on the speed of virus infections in a plaque are correctly explained by the theoretical predictions using a Gaussian delay-time distribution, which is more realistic for this system than the Dirac delta distribution considered previously [J. Fort and V. Méndez, Phys. Rev. Lett.89, 178101 (2002)]
Virosis -- Models matemàtics
Virus diseases -- Mathematical models
Distribució (Teoria de la probabilitat)
Distribution (Probability theory)
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American Physical Society

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Fort, Joaquim; Pérez Losada, Joaquim; Suñol Martínez, Joan Josep; Escoda i Acero, Ma. Lluïsa; Massaneda Clares, Josep M.
Fort, Joaquim; Pérez Losada, Joaquim