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An integrated approach for the assessment of HAB dynamics in two NW Mediterranean bays from a GEOHAB perspective
Bush, Julia A.; Cembella, Allan D., 1952-; Fernández-Tejedor, Margarita; Diogène Fadini, Jorge; Zielinski, Oliver
IRTA. Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentàries
Alfacs and Fangar Bay in the Ebro Delta, NW Mediterranean are the major sites in Catalonia for shellfish cultivation. These bays are subject to occasional closures in shellfish harvesting due to the presence of phycotoxins. Fish kills have also been associated with harmful algal blooms. The comparison of phytoplankton dynamics in both bays offers the opportunity to reveal differences in bloom patterns of species known to be harmful for the ecosystem and aquaculture activities. Field research is underway under the GEOHAB framework within the Core Research Project on HABs in Fjords and Coastal Embayments. The overall objective of this study is to improve our understanding of HAB biogeographical patterns, and key elements driving bloom dynamics in time and space within these semi-constrained embayments. Via the comparative approach we aim to improve the prediction for monitoring purposes, with a focus on Karlodinium spp. associated with massive kills of aquaculture species. This objective is addressed by incorporating long-term time series of phytoplankton identification and enumeration with the first results of recent field work in both bays. The latter includes the application of optical sensors, to yield a complementary view with enhanced spatial and temporal resolution of bloom phenomena.
Algues tòxiques -- Ebre, Delta de l’ (Catalunya)
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3 p.
International Society for the Study of Harmful algae

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