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Design of a logistic system for a distribution company
Campo Merino, David
Buczacki, Aleksander
The increasing concentration of companies in the distribution sector in Spain leads the continuing search for new ways to differentiate the offer and loyalty of customer that there is increasingly well informed. The economic crisis has affected unequal across the different sectors. In transport is considered that the change in consumer habits and changes in regulation are the most affect to the growth, along with the general economic environment. The year 2007 marks the peak of the series analyzed, while in the next few years are recorded negatives growth rates. (1) · The fuel consumption has fallen by 10%. · National transport of goods by road has decreased by 20% and 10% internationally. In Annex I we can see the evolution of tone-kilometers transported between 1993 and 2009, in national and international territory. (Source: Ministry of Development) Within this dynamic system, the logistics continues to play a key role in the functioning of enterprises, because it is responsible for ensuring the presence of the product at point of sale, optimizing resources like procurement, distribution or finance function. This project develop from the need to find new ways for reduce the transport costs of the company Transports BPS.
Àrees temàtiques de la UPC::Economia i organització d'empreses::Direcció d'operacions::Modelització de transports i logística
Business logistics
Freight and freightage --Management
Logística (Indústria)
Transport de mercaderies -- Gestió
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya;
Politechnika Warszawska

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