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Implications of burial alterations on luminescence dating of archaeological ceramics
Zacharias, N.; Buxeda i Garrigós, Jaume; Mommsen, H.; Schwedt, A.; Kilikoglou, V.
Universitat de Barcelona
Recent mineralogical studies on archaeological pottery samples report significant variations in alkali metal concentrations due to environmental alterations during burial. Here we examine the effects of potassium (K) leaching on luminescence dating. The effect on the estimation of the dose rate is studied by considering four models of leaching (exponential, linear, early and late) and their impact on fine- and coarse-grain dating are calculated. The modeling approaches are applied to two cases of pottery in which evidence for alteration was found. Additionally, TL dating performed on pottery of one of the studied cases, indicates the importance of leaching effects on absolute dating measurements.
Química arqueològica
Edat del bronze
Kommos (Grècia : Jaciment arqueològic)
Archaeological chemistry
Bronze age
Kommos Site (Greece)
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Elsevier Ltd

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