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Alterations of Na, K and Rb concentrations in Mycenaean pottery and a proposed explanation using X-ray diffraction
Buxeda i Garrigós, Jaume; Mommsen, H.; Tsolakidou, A.
Universitat de Barcelona
One of the most important reference groups for Mycenaean pottery is the Mycenae/Berbati (MB). In several studies, a second group has been identified (MBKR). The chemical compositions were similar to MB, but with important differences in the Na, K and Rb contents. The present study suggests that these differences are due to selective alteration and contamination processes that are indirectly determined by the original firing temperature. Therefore, groups MB and MBKR should be considered as a single reference group.
Ceràmica grega
Química arqueològica
Micenes (Ciutat antiga)
Greek pottery
Archaeological chemistry
Mycenae (Extinct city)
(c) University of Oxford, 2002
Oxford University, Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art

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