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Rapid increase in incidence of breast ductal cancer in situ in Girona, Spain 1983-2007
Puig-Vives, Montserrat; Pollán Santamaría, Marina; Rué, Montserrat; Osca-Gelis, Gemma; Izquierdo, A.; Marcos-Gragera, Rafael
Introduction: The aim of this study was to describe breast ductal cancer in situ (DCIS) incidence trends in women in the Girona province during a period of 25 years. The influence of age, use of mammography and implementation of the breast cancer screening programs was explored. Incidence of subsequent invasive breast cancers (IBC) and DCIS treatment was also considered. Materials and Methods: Cases diagnosed with primary pure DCIS (n=416) during 1983-2007 were extracted from the population-based Girona Cancer Registry. The estimated annual percent change was estimated using joinpoint analysis. Results: DCIS incidence showed a sharp rise until 1998, followed by a less marked upward trend. Among women aged 50-69 the increase was particularly important between 1992 and in 1996, reflecting the spread in mammography use. Conclusion: The upward trend of DCIS was mainly related to an increase in mammography use either opportunistic or as a result of screening implementation
Mama -- Càncer -- Estadístiques
Breast -- Cancer -- Statistics
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