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Line search multilevel optimization as computational methods for dense optical flow
Kalmoun, El Mostafa; Garrido Ostermann, Lluís; Caselles, Vicente
Universitat de Barcelona
We evaluate the performance of different optimization techniques developed in the context of optical flow computation with different variational models. In particular, based on truncated Newton methods (TN) that have been an effective approach for large-scale unconstrained optimization, we de- velop the use of efficient multilevel schemes for computing the optical flow. More precisely, we evaluate the performance of a standard unidirectional mul- tilevel algorithm - called multiresolution optimization (MR/OPT), to a bidrec- tional multilevel algorithm - called full multigrid optimization (FMG/OPT). The FMG/OPT algorithm treats the coarse grid correction as an optimiza- tion search direction and eventually scales it using a line search. Experimental results on different image sequences using four models of optical flow com- putation show that the FMG/OPT algorithm outperforms both the TN and MR/OPT algorithms in terms of the computational work and the quality of the optical flow estimation.
Equacions diferencials
Programació (Matemàtica)
Càlcul de variacions
Computer science
Differential equations
Mathematical programming
Calculus of variations
(c) Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics., 2011
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.

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