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El doblatge d’una comèdia britànica: The Vicar of Dibley
Pino Torrent, Alèxia
Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Facultat de Traducció i Interpretació; Bartoll, Eduard
Aquest treball analitza els problemes de doblatge de l’anglès al català que presenta una sèrie còmica, The Vicar of Dibley. L’objectiu es estudiar tant problemes generals com específics per tal de demostrar la viabilitat del doblatge d’aquesta comèdia. Es proposen possibles solucions per a tots els problemes analitzats.
In Spain and also in Catalonia, both movies and TV series are usually dubbed. Britishcomedies have had a considerable success once dubbed into Catalan over the years, so itwould make sense to dub a successful comedy series such as The vicar of Dibley. The ideawas to prove it possible to dub, by working on the first episode of the first season, so as toprovide translation examples and show that the Catalan audience would appreciate thisparticular comedy. In order to properly analyse the whole episode, the first step was toestablish some basic but essential information about audio-visual translation and moreprecisely about dubbing. This initial information offered the basis for the study, which wasdivided in two parts: a general analysis of the issues concerning the whole episode and thetranslation of specific problems divided into categories such as nicknames, expressions,jokes and so on. It has been shown that the most appropriate method of translation in acomedy is to adapt all the references to provide natural dialogs for the target audience.Keeping in mind that the aim is to entertain, it has proved basic to respect as much aspossible the image and to maintain all the comic elements. Basically, this study shows howit is possible to dub the series, while providing practical translation examples for futurereference. Furthermore, it plays an educational role by widely explaining the whole dubbingprocess.
Comèdia anglesa
Vicar of Dibley, The
8 - Lingüística i literatura
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