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Kuranishi type Moduli Spaces for proper CR submersions fibering over the circle
Meersseman, Laurent
Centre de Recerca Matemàtica
Kuranishi's fundamental result (1962) associates to any compact complex manifold X&sub&0&/sub& a finite-dimensional analytic space which has to be thought of as a local moduli space of complex structures close to X&sub&0&/sub&. In this paper, we give an analogous statement for Levi-flat CR manifolds fibering properly over the circle by describing explicitely an infinite-dimensional Kuranishi type local moduli space of Levi-flat CR structures. We interpret this result in terms of Kodaira-Spencer deformation theory making clear the likenesses as well as the differences with the classical case. The article ends with applications and examples.
517 - Anàlisi
Varietats complexes
Foliacions (Matemàtica)
Espais modulars
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43 p.
Centre de Recerca Matemàtica
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