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Reconciling context and contact with immigrants effects: an examination of the Catalan case
Rodón, Toni
Franco Guillén, Núria
Contact theory and threat group theory offer contradictory hypotheses regarding the effect of contact with immigrants. Despite recent efforts to test the validity of both approaches, we still lack a definitive conclusion. This article integrates both approaches and tests the effect of contact towards immigrants and how this changes when different contexts are considered. Mainly, we investigate the effect of the economic environment and the immigrant group size on modifying attitudes toward immigration. The hypotheses, which are tested in Catalonia, show that contact with immigrants reduce negative attitudes towards immigration, especially friendship and family contact. However, mixed results are reported regarding the effect of economic environment and immigrant group size. Whereas the former modifies positively the effect of workplace contact, the latter has no effect. Findings have implications for the impact of context when dealing with the impact of contact on attitudes towards immigration.
Emigració i immigració -- Catalunya
Immigrants -- Aspectes socials -- Catalunya
Immigrants -- Actituds
Famílies immigrants -- Catalunya
3 - Ciències socials

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