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Tenseness of Riemannian flows
Nozawa, Hiraku; Royo Prieto, José Ignacio
Centre de Recerca Matemàtica
We show that any transversally complete Riemannian foliation &em&F&/em& of dimension one on any possibly non-compact manifold M is tense; namely, (M,&em&F&/em&) admits a Riemannian metric such that the mean curvature form of &em&F&/em& is basic. This is a partial generalization of a result of Domínguez, which says that any Riemannian foliation on any compact manifold is tense. Our proof is based on some results of Molino and Sergiescu, and it is simpler than the original proof by Domínguez. As an application, we generalize some well known results including Masa's characterization of tautness.
514 - Geometria
Geometria diferencial
Foliacions (Matemàtica)
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17 p.
Centre de Recerca Matemàtica
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