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An LFG approach to the syntax of quotation
Martin Vigo, Eugenio
Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Departament de Traducció i Ciències del llenguatge; Alsina i Keith, Àlex
This paper attempts to give an account of the syntax of quotation from an LFG perspective. I claim that quotes are inserted at N’ positions by making use of a special phrase structure rule that makes the quote’s f-structure the PRED value of the mother f-structure. However, in order to reach to this conclusion, the concept of quotation has to be restricted to only include metalinguistic and direct reported speech quotes, by making use of the property of grammatical opacity, i.e. only subsegments whose ungrammaticality does not affect the grammaticality of the whole sentence are quotes. The main advantage of this is this distinguishes the syntax of direct quotes from the one of other citational but not quotational structures like Davidson’s (1979) and Cappelen and Lepore’s (2007) mixed quotation.
Gramàtica comparada i general Sintaxi
Gramàtica lèxico-funcional
81 - Lingüística i llengües
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