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Spain in Europe 1996-2004
Barbé, Esther
Ruiz Sandoval, Erika; Bermúdez, Ángel; Soler i Lecha, Eduard,; Weltner-Puig, Rina,; Cid Peiteado, Alberte; Herranz, Anna; Johansson-Nogués, Elisabeth; Mestres, Laia; Miralles Solé, Débora, 1972-; Aguiar, Pablo; González Bondía, Alfonso; Suárez, Carme; Costa, Oriol; Serra, Francesc
32 - Política
Espanya -- Relacions exteriors -- Unió Europea, Països de la
Aznar, José María, 1953-
Espanya -- Relacions exteriors -- Amèrica Llatina
Espanya -- Relacions exteriors
Seguretat de l'Estat -- Unió Europea, Països de la
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54 p.
Institut Universitari d'Estudis Europeus
Publicaciones Monográficas;3

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EE 01 2004.pdf 30.77 KB PDF Thinking Locally, Acting in Europe
EE 02 2004.pdf 48.40 KB PDF Lion’s Tail or Mouse’s Head?
EE 03 2004.pdf 41.04 KB PDF Spain and Latin America: a Forking Bridge
EE 04 2004.pdf 33.27 KB PDF Lights and Shadows of Aznar’s Mediterranean Policy
EE 05 2004.pdf 27.27 KB PDF Spain and the Middle East Conflict: from perspectives of peace to crisis
EE 06 2004.pdf 29.90 KB PDF Spain’s Turn Towards Asia-Pacific- A ‘Dimension’ In The Making
EE 07 2004.pdf 52.40 KB PDF Dimensioning the criticisms to the Spanish policy towards Eastern enlargement
EE 08 2004.pdf 40.07 KB PDF A Spanish model for the European ‘near abroad’? The legacy of Aznar to EU’s foreign policy toward neighboring non-candidate countries
EE 09 2004.pdf 35.14 KB PDF Spain among the large Member States?: Between the national interest and EU institutional reform
EE 10 2004.pdf 29.16 KB PDF The European Security and Defence Policy under Aznar’s administration
EE 11 2004.pdf 31.32 KB PDF A tool for ... development?: Spanish participation in the development co-operation policy of the European Union
EE 12 2004.pdf 28.68 KB PDF Spain's European Policy in relation to the accelerated extradition procedures establishment under the Aznar administrations
EE 13 2004.pdf 31.79 KB PDF Convergence and stability, funds and liberalization: Aznar’s European issues on economy.
EE 14 2004.pdf 44.37 KB PDF Spanish environmental foreign policy: From reception to opposition
EE 15 2004.pdf 33.88 KB PDF Balance of an age in Spain’s politics: the Aznar administration (1996-2004) and European identity

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