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Rules or consequences? The role of ethical mindsets in moral dynamics
Bashshur, Michael; Cornelissen, Gert; Le Menestrel, Marc; Rode, Julian
Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Departament d'Economia i Empresa
Recent research on the dynamics of moral behavior has documented two contrastingphenomena - moral consistency and moral balancing. Moral balancing refers to thephenomenon whereby behaving (un)ethically decreases the likelihood of doing so againat a later time. Moral consistency describes the opposite pattern - engaging in(un)ethical behavior increases the likelihood of doing so later on. Three studies supportthe hypothesis that individuals' ethical mindset (i.e., outcome-based versus rule-based)moderates the impact of an initial (un)ethical act on the likelihood of behaving ethicallyin a subsequent occasion. More specifically, an outcome-based mindset facilitates moralbalancing and a rule-based mindset facilitates moral consistency.
Management and Organization Studies
Behavioral and Experimental Economics
moral balancing
moral consistency
ethical mindsets
ethical behavior
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Working Paper

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