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One person in the battlefield is not a warrior: Self-construal, perceived ability to make a difference, and socially responsible behavior
Cojuharenco, Irina; Cornelissen, Gert; Karelaia, Natalia
Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Departament d'Economia i Empresa
We suggest that cultivating an individual's connectedness to others promotes sociallyresponsible behavior both directly and indirectly through increased perceived abilityto make a difference. Individuals whose interdependent self is more prominent feel theyhave more of an impact on larger scale societal outcomes and, therefore, engage more insocially responsible behaviors than do individuals whose independent self is moreprominent. We test these hypotheses in two experiments in which participants makefinancial contributions or exert an effort for a social cause. In a survey, we find thatperceived effectiveness mediates the effect of self-construal on socially responsibleconsumption.
Management and Organization Studies
Behavioral and Experimental Economics
interdependent self
independent self
socially responsible behavior
perceived effectiveness
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Working Paper

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