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Identification of volatile organic compounds (VOC) emitted from three European orchid species with different pollination strategies : two deceptive orchids (Himantoglossum robertianum and Ophrys apifera) and a rewarding (Gymnadenia conopsea)
Gallego Piñol, Eva; Gelabert, A.; Roca Mussons, Francisco Javier; Perales, Francisco; Guardino, X.
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Departament d'Enginyeria Química; Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. CEPIMA - Centre d´Enginyeria de Processos i Medi Ambient
Volatile organic compounds (VOC) emission was evaluated in the inflorescences of three species of the family Orchidaceae: Himantoglossum robertianum, Ophrys apifera and Gymnadenia conopsea, that comprise three different pollination strategies: non-rewarding food deceptive, non-rewarding sexually deceptive and nectar rewarding, respectively. VOC were dynamically sampled in custom packed glass multi-sorbent cartridge tubes (Carbotrap, Carbopack X and Carboxen 569). A modified Tedlar® gas sampling bag was placed in vivo covering the inflorescence of the studied orchid, a design that prevents the dilution of the VOC mixture emitted by the flower. Multi-sorbent bed tubes were analysed through automatic thermal desorption coupled with a capillary gas chromatography/mass spectrometry detector. A total of 106 different VOC were found in the scents emitted by the three different studied orchids. A 54% of these compounds had already been identified in floral scents. Generally, only 3 compounds were highly abundant in each species: α-pinene, β-pinene and limonene in Himantoglossum robertianum; 1-butanol, butyl ether and caryophyllene in Ophrys apifera; and phenethyl acetate, eugenol and benzaldehyde in Gymnadenia conopsea. The employment of the presented methodology
Àrees temàtiques de la UPC::Enginyeria química::Impacte ambiental
Volatile organic compounds
Compostos orgànics volàtils -- Aspectes ambientals
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Gallego Piñol, Eva; Perales Lorente, José Francisco; Roca Mussons, Francisco Javier; Guardino, X.
Gallego Piñol, Eva; Roca Mussons, Francisco Javier; Perales Lorente, José Francisco; Guardino Solà, Xavier; Gadea Carrera, Enrique
Gallego Piñol, Eva; Roca Mussons, Francisco Javier; Perales Lorente, José Francisco; Guardino Solà, Xavier