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Intelligent control for distributed system
Farhat Quiñones, Yamshid; Martino, Michele
Chen, Zhe
The thesis covers the aspect of the intelligent control for a distributed system and consists of sixth chapters. In the first chapter a general introduction with the background and the goals of the thesis are presented. In the second chapter a review of the state of art of the micro-grids was shown considering the development of the electrical networks in the last years and the introduction of DER sources. Focusing in the micro-grid concept and state of art, the currently control topology methods for these systems and the different implemented micro-grid and control topology used. In the third chapter the implemented DC micro-grid has been presented, with the chosen voltage level and its intelligent control strategy. Also the participation of the micro-grid in the electricity market was considered and its economical profit was studied with an intelligent economical control. Different study cases are presented to evaluate the optimal participation in the electricity market. In the fourth chapter, the DER units are shown with different kinds of control methods used for each unit, showing the fundamental concept of every technology used in the implemented system, the chosen model for every DER unit, the different kinds of control methods to increase the injected power, to balance the power flow and the voltage level of the micro-grid and the chosen power electronics for each unit. The purpose of the fifth chapter is to build a series of scenarios by MATLAB/Simulink to simulate the implemented micro-grid. Four study cases are presented to show the behavior of the DC micro-grid in different scenarios. The behavior of the system in islanded mode, in grid connected mode, working with three master units and in a cascade faults are shown in this chapter. As conclusion, it can be stated that the proposed intelligent control for the distributed systems has been tested and validated in four simulation cases and the overall project objectives were accomplished.
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Electric current converters
Electric power distribution
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Energia elèctrica -- Distribució
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Spain
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya;
Universitat de Barcelona;
Aalborg University

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