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Anomalous optical and electrical recovery process of photoquenched EL2 defect produced by oxygen and boron ion implantation in gallium arsenide
Samitier i Martí, Josep; Marco Colás, Santiago; Pérez Rodríguez, Alejandro; Morante i Lleonart, Joan Ramon; Boher, P.; Renaud, M.
Universitat de Barcelona
The optical and electrical recovery processes of the metastable state of the EL2 defect artificially created in n‐type GaAs by boron or oxygen implantation are analyzed at 80 K using optical isothermal transient spectroscopy. In both cases, we have found an inhibition of the electrical recovery and the existence of an optical recovery in the range 1.1-1.4 eV, competing with the photoquenching effect. The similar results obtained with both elements and the different behavior observed in comparison with the native EL2 defect has been related to the network damage produced by the implantation process. From the different behavior with the technological process, it can be deduced that the electrical and optical anomalies have a different origin. The electrical inhibition is due to the existence of an interaction between the EL2 defect and other implantation‐created defects. However, the optical recovery seems to be related to a change in the microscopic metastable state configuration involving the presence of vacancies
Materials nanoestructurals
Estructura electrònica
Nanostructured materials
Electronic structure
(c) American Institute of Physics , 1992
American Institute of Physics

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