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Polyamine metabolism and signaling in plant abiotic stress protection
Alcázar Hernández, Rubén; Bitrian, Marta; Zarza, Xavier; Fernández Tiburcio, Antonio
Universitat de Barcelona
Polyamines (PAs) are small polycationic compounds present in all living organisms. Compelling evidences indicate a role for PAs in plant protection against stress. During the recent years, genetic, molecular and ‘omic’ approaches have been undertaken to unravel the role of PAs in stress signaling. Overall, results point to intricate relationships between PAs, stress hormone pathways and ROS signaling. Such cross-regulations condition stress signaling through the modulation of abscisic acid (ABA) and ROS amplification-loops. In this chapter we compile our recent findings which elucidate molecular mechanisms and signalingpathways by which PAs contribute to stress protection in plants.
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Metabolisme de les plantes
Plant metabolism
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