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The use of mixed methods research in interdisciplinary educational journals
López-Fernández, Olatz; Molina Azorín, José Francisco
Universitat de Barcelona
Mixed methods research is becoming increasingly important in several scientific areas. The analysis of prevalence rates is a new line of research that has emerged in mixed methods research, and this methodological approach has only been applied carefully in a handful of journals. The purpose of this article was to analyse the prevalence of mixed methods research in interdisciplinary educational journals. Moreover, the main characteristics of the mixed methods articles identified were examined. This study used a mixed methods approach to analyse these aspects. Specifically, a partially mixed sequential equal status multiple-case study design was applied with a development mixed methods purpose. Three educational journals in different disciplines were reviewed from 2005 to 2010 (Academy of Management Learning and Education, Educational Psychology Review, Journal of the Learning Sciences). The findings show differences among the journals in the prevalence rates and characteristics of the mixed methods studies
Investigació educativa
Educational research
Interdisciplinary approach to knowledge
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