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Avoiding sensor blindness in Geiger mode avalanche photodiode arrays fabricated in a conventional CMOS process
Vilella Figueras, Eva; Diéguez Barrientos, Àngel
Universitat de Barcelona
The need to move forward in the knowledge of the subatomic world has stimulated the development of new particle colliders. However, the objectives of the next generation of colliders sets unprecedented challenges to the detector performance. The purpose of this contribution is to present a bidimensional array based on avalanche photodiodes operated in the Geiger mode to track high energy particles in future linear colliders. The bidimensional array can function in a gated mode to reduce the probability to detect noise counts interfering with real events. Low reverse overvoltages are used to lessen the dark count rate. Experimental results demonstrate that the prototype fabricated with a standard HV-CMOS process presents an increased efficiency and avoids sensor blindness by applying the proposed techniques.
Soroll electrònic
Metall-òxid-semiconductors complementaris
Col·lisions (Física nuclear)
Electronic noise
Complementary metal oxide semiconductors
Collisions (Nuclear physics)
(c) Institute of Physics, 2011
Institute of Physics

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Vilella Figueras, Eva; Vilà i Arbonès, Anna Maria; Palacio, Fernando; López de Miguel, Manuel; Diéguez Barrientos, Àngel
Vilella Figueras, Eva; Arbat Casas, Anna; Comerma Montells, Albert; Trenado, J. (Juan); Alonso Casanovas, Oscar; Gascón Fora, David; Vilà i Arbonès, Anna Maria; Garrido Beltrán, Lluís; Diéguez Barrientos, Àngel
Vilella Figueras, Eva; Comerma Montells, Albert; Alonso Casanovas, Oscar; Diéguez Barrientos, Àngel