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Breaking the Vicious Circle of Blame. Innovative concepts of contracting and stakeholders collaboration
Choy Martínez, Mireia
Martinac. Ivo
A key problem in the context of energy saving and retrofitting in commercial rental properties is the way current contracting practice defines the resource-consumption related responsibilities between landlords, property managers and tenants, as well as the suppliers of energy and related services. Under current conditions, possibilities and incentives to act responsibly are not clearly defined, and the cost for any resulting inefficiencies is typically rolled over to tenants and their customers. The overarching environmental and resource-related stakeholder responsibility typically drowns in the inability or unwillingness of the parties concerned to address and solve related economic issues (“Vicious Circle of Blame”). The understanding of the relationships and values for each of the individual stakeholders is crucial to find the barriers and opportunities of the process. New types of relationships and concepts of interaction, as well as cost and benefit sharing clearly need to be established. In order to improve on current conditions, and insure that energy utilization and management in commercial rental facilities can be pursued to sustainable benefit of all parties involved (including society at large), innovative, resource-efficient and environmental friendly models for contracting and stakeholder interaction will be developed within the context of this project.
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Sustainable buildings
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Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya;
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