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Design and developement of a bidirectional AC/DC battery charger for the sustainable auto rickshaws project;
Design and Development of a Digitally Controlled Bidirectional AC/DC Battery Charger
Montlló i Casabayó, Ernest
Illinois Institute of Technology; Emadi, Ali
The objective of this project is to design a 3 kW nickel‐metal hydride bidirectional battery charger with power factor correction. This electronic power converter is designed to charge batteries with energy from AC mains and also from a solar or wind energy sources, therefore it must be able to transfer energy from the renewable energy source to the net in case of excess. This battery charger is designed as a part of wider project: “Sustainable Transportation Solution for Auto Rickshaws”. Conventional high power battery chargers have two main problems: • Bad power quality that affects the electric grid, and would be a serious problem in the context of a wide net of battery charged Rickshaws. • Non constant current output which has been proven to reduce battery life and performance. The objective of this project is to solve both these problems and provide a compact solution designed for a real application.
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Electric batteries
AC-DC power convertors
Bateries elèctriques
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Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya;
Illinois Institute of Technology

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