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Estudio de plataformas de procesos de negocio para la tramitación
Gómez Companys, Albert
Martorana, Manel; Quer Bosor, Maria Carme
In this project we had two different objectives. By one hand, we wanted to gather some requirements to find a platform that could implement business processes. First of all, we had to know what exactly a business process is and we had to document about e-administration, e-government Then we stared gathering requirements and functionalities that the desired platform should accomplish. Once we obtained those requirements, we decided that the best option was to implement the Business Process Management technology. The next step was to start comparing the different applications that the market offers. In the second part of the project, we implemented the same business process using different BPMS (Business Process Management Suites). There exist three different kinds of BPMS according to their orientation: human-centric, document-centric and integration-centric. We selected one of each, so the BPMS that we have tested were: IBM FileNet, Oracle BPEL Process Manager and Oracle BPM Studio 10g. We elaborated a methodology with more of 100 different criteria to evaluate the different functionalities of those applications. The main categories of these criteria were: process design, monitoring, content management, integration and usability. Evaluating these criteria we obtained a score for each of the products and finally we draw a conclusion about which of the products is better to implement business processes in the context of e-administration.
Àrees temàtiques de la UPC::Economia i organització d'empreses::Gestió i direcció
Industrial management
Management information systems
Processos de negoci
BPEL Process Manager
Oracle BPM Studio
Gestió d'expedients
Empreses -- Direcció i administració
Sistemes d'informació per a la gestió
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

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