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Pricing and Shopping Platform Topology Browser
Soldevila Miranda, Gerard
Eric Mountain
Project efet en col.laboració amb l'empresa Amadeus IT Group
The PSP Topology Browser project is developed within the PSP division of the Amadeus IT Group. The PSP division provides the Airlines and Travel Agencies with services for pricing the flight seats. For that purpose, it uses a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). This architecture is composed by a set of interacting processes and technologies. The logical network of elements that shape the PSP architecture is known as the PSP topology. The PSP Topology Browser aims at providing graphical representations of the PSP topology. Since the PSP topology is too big and complex to represent it in a single schema, the PSP Topology Browser is conceived as an interactive tool for browsing through different parts of the topology. Rather than being a standalone project, the PSP Topology Browser is part of the PSP Topology Management project, which aims at modelling and managing all the data related to the PSP topology. The PSP Topology Management project defines other functional entities, such as the Topology Manager, which is in charge of modelling and storing all the topology related data, including the different configurations of the topology and its evolution along time. The PSP Topology Browser is intended for internal users of PSP (operators, developers etc), as a support tool for improving their daily activities. At the time being, the graphical representations consist of static diagrams made by hand with 3rd party applications, updated regularly to a web page. In that sense, the PSP Topology Browser will provide automatically generated graphical representations of the current and past configurations of PSP topology, relying on the Topology Manager functional entity.
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