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Thermal activation and ATP dependence of the cytoskeleton remodeling dynamics
Farré Ventura, Ramon; Navajas Navarro, Daniel
Universitat de Barcelona
The cytoskeleton (CSK) is a nonequilibrium polymer network that uses hydrolyzable sources of free energy such as adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to remodel its internal structure. As in inert nonequilibrium soft materials, CSK remodeling has been associated with structural rearrangements driven by energy-activated processes. We carry out particle tracking and traction microscopy measurements of alveolar epithelial cells at various temperatures and ATP concentrations. We provide the first experimental evidence that the remodeling dynamics of the CSK is driven by structural rearrangements over free-energy barriers induced by thermally activated forces mediated by ATP. The measured activation energy of these forces is ~40kBTr (kB being the Boltzmann constant and Tr being the room temperature). Our experiments provide clues to understand the analogy between the dynamics of the living CSK and that of inert nonequilibrium soft materials.
Models biològics
Biological models
(c) American Physical Society, 2009
American Physical Society

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