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The influence of the field setup on the dosimetry of abutted fields in single-isocenter half-beam techniques
Hernández, V.; Sempau Roma, Josep
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Institut de Tècniques Energètiques (INTE); Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. GREENER - Grup de recerca d´estudis energètics i de les radiacions
Purpose: To study the influence of the field setup on the dosimetry at the junction in singleisocenter half-beam techniques. Methods: The dosimetry at the junction for a two-field setup with the gantry at zero was first evaluated with radiochromic films. A three-field setup, with an anterior field and two opposed lateral fields, was also analyzed for two different relative positions of the fields involved. In all cases, the dose increase at the central axis, called the junction dose, was measured. Results: Junction doses varied greatly with the setup. For the three-field setup, the junction dose differed from that obtained with the two-field setup, and it greatly depended on the relative position of the fields. When the anterior field was closer to the gantry than the lateral fields, a field gap occurred and the junction dose was negative. When the anterior field was farther from the gantry than the lateral fields, a field overlap was obtained and the junction dose was positive. The difference in the junction dose between the three-field setups was around 18% for the three accelerators evaluated. Conclusions: Having a uniform dose distribution for two fields at gantry 0° does not guarantee a uniform distribution at other gantry angles. Junction doses are largely affected by the relative position of the radiation fields, which may have an impact in clinical practice. Therefore, any method aiming to assess or to optimize the dose homogeneity at the junction should take this effect into account.
Àrees temàtiques de la UPC::Física::Electromagnetisme
Radiation dosimetry
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