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Design of surface forces apparatus for tribology studies combined with nonlinear optical spectroscopy
Frantz, P.; Wolf, F.; Xiao, X. -D.; Chen, Yu; Bosch i Puig, Salvador; Salmeron, M.
Universitat de Barcelona
We describe the design, calibration, and performance of surface forces apparatus with the capability of illumination of the contact interface for spectroscopic investigation using optical techniques. The apparatus can be placed in the path of a Nd-YAG laser for studies of the linear response or the second harmonic and sum-frequency generation from a material confined between the two surfaces. In addition to the standard fringes of equal chromatic order technique, which we have digitized for accurate and fast analysis, the distance of separation can be measured with a fiber-optic interferometer during spectroscopic measurements (2 Å resolution and 10 ms response time). The sample approach is accomplished through application of a motor drive, piezoelectric actuator, or electromagnetic lever deflection for variable degrees of range, sensitivity, and response time. To demonstrate the operation of the instrument, the stepwise expulsion of discrete layers of octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane from the contact is shown. Lateral forces may also be studied by using piezoelectric bimorphs to induce and direct the motion of one surface.
Química de superfícies
Aparells i instruments científics
Surface chemistry
Scientific apparatus and instruments
(c) American Institute of Physics 1997
American Institute of Physics

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