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X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy analysis of ion¿beam¿induced oxidation of GaAs and AlGaAs
Alay, Josep Lluís; Vandervorst, Wilfried
Universitat de Barcelona
The oxidation of GaAs and AlGaAs targets subjected to O2+ bombardment has been analyzed, using in situ x¿ray photoelectron spectroscopy, as a function of time until steady state is reached. The oxides formed by the O2+ bombardment have been characterized in terms of composition and binding energy. A strong energy and angular dependence for the oxidation of As relative to Ga is found. Low energies as well as near normal angles of incidence favor the oxidation of As. The difference between Ga and As can be explained in terms of the formation enthalpy for the oxide and the excess supply of oxygen. In an AlGaAs target the Al is very quickly completely oxidized irrespective of the experimental conditions. The steady state composition of the altered layers show in all cases a preferential removal of As.
Química analítica
Espectroscòpia d'electrons
Analytical chemistry
Electron spectroscopy
(c) American Institute of Physics, 1992
American Institute of Physics

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