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The effect of substrate on high-temperature annealing of GaN epilayers: Si versus sapphire
Pastor Pastor, David; Cuscó i Cornet, Ramon; Artús i Surroca, Lluís; Iborra, Enrique; Jiménez, J.; Peiró Martínez, Francisca; González Díaz, Germán; Calleja Pardo, Enrique
Universitat de Barcelona
We have studied the effects of rapid thermal annealing at 1300¿°C on GaN epilayers grown on AlN buffered Si(111) and on sapphire substrates. After annealing, the epilayers grown on Si display visible alterations with craterlike morphology scattered over the surface. The annealed GaN/Si layers were characterized by a range of experimental techniques: scanning electron microscopy, optical confocal imaging, energy dispersive x-ray microanalysis, Raman scattering, and cathodoluminescence. A substantial Si migration to the GaN epilayer was observed in the crater regions, where decomposition of GaN and formation of Si3N4 crystallites as well as metallic Ga droplets and Si nanocrystals have occurred. The average diameter of the Si nanocrystals was estimated from Raman scattering to be around 3¿nm. Such annealing effects, which are not observed in GaN grown on sapphire, are a significant issue for applications of GaN grown on Si(111) substrates when subsequent high-temperature processing is required.
Ciència dels materials
Materials science
(c) American Institute of Physics, 2006
American Institute of Physics

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