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Electron capture and emission by the Ti acceptor level in GaP
Roura Grabulosa, Pere; Morante i Lleonart, Joan Ramon; Guillot, G.; Bremond, G.; Ulrici, W.
Universitat de Barcelona
Previously reported results on deep level optical spectroscopy, optical absorption, deep level transient spectroscopy, photoluminescence excitation, and time resolved photoluminescence are reviewed and discussed in order to know which are the mechanisms involved in electron capture and emission of the Ti acceptor level in GaP. First, the analysis indicates that the 3T1(F) crystal¿field excited state is not in resonance with the conduction band states. Second, it is shown that both the 3T2 and 3T1(F) excited states do not play any significant role in the process of electron emission and capture.
Estructura electrònica
Propietats òptiques
Electronic structure
Optical properties
(c) American Institute of Physics, 1995
American Institute of Physics

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