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Vacancy and interstitial depth profiles in ion-implanted silicon
Leveque, P.; Kortegaard Nielsen, H.; Pellegrino, Paolo; Hallen, A.; Svensson, Bengt G.; Kuznetsov, Andrej; Wong-Leung, J.; Jagadish, C. (Chennupati); Privitera, V.
Universitat de Barcelona
An experimental method of studying shifts between concentration-versus-depth profiles of vacancy- and interstitial-type defects in ion-implanted silicon is demonstrated. The concept is based on deep level transient spectroscopy measurements utilizing the filling pulse variation technique. The vacancy profile, represented by the vacancy¿oxygen center, and the interstitial profile, represented by the interstitial carbon¿substitutional carbon pair, are obtained at the same sample temperature by varying the duration of the filling pulse. The effect of the capture in the Debye tail has been extensively studied and taken into account. Thus, the two profiles can be recorded with a high relative depth resolution. Using low doses, point defects have been introduced in lightly doped float zone n-type silicon by implantation with 6.8 MeV boron ions and 680 keV and 1.3 MeV protons at room temperature. The effect of the angle of ion incidence has also been investigated. For all implantation conditions the peak of the interstitial profile is displaced towards larger depths compared to that of the vacancy profile. The amplitude of this displacement increases as the width of the initial point defect distribution increases. This behavior is explained by a simple model where the preferential forward momentum of recoiling silicon atoms and the highly efficient direct recombination of primary point defects are taken into account.
Estructura electrònica
Electronic structure
(c) American Institute of Physics, 2003
American Institute of Physics

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