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The problem of physical coordinates in predictive Hamiltonian systems
Iranzo Fernández, Vicente; Llosa, Josep; Marqués Truyol, Francisco; Molina, Alfred
Universitat de Barcelona
In the Hamiltonian formulation of predictive relativistic systems, the canonical coordinates cannot be the physical positions. The relation between them is given by the individuality differential equations. However, due to the arbitrariness in the choice of Cauchy data, there is a wide family of solutions for these equations. In general, those solutions do not satisfy the condition of constancy of velocities moduli, and therefore we have to reparametrize the world lines into the proper time. We derive here a condition on the Cauchy data for the individuality equations which ensures the constancy of the velocities moduli and makes the reparametrization unnecessary.
Equacions diferencials
Sistemes hamiltonians
Mecànica relativista
Geometria diferencial
Differential equations
Hamiltonian systems
Relativistic mechanics
Differential geometry
(c) American Institute of Physics, 1983
American Institute of Physics

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Marqués Truyol, Francisco; Iranzo Fernandez, Vicente; Molina, Alfred; Montoto i Gayete, Amadeu; Llosa, Josep
Iranzo Fernández, Vicente; Llosa, J; Marqués Truyol, Francisco; Molina, A