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Invariant decomposition of the retarded electromagnetic field.
Graells, J.; Martín, C.; Codina i Vidal, Josep Ma. (Josep Maria), 1927-
Universitat de Barcelona
The integral representation of the electromagnetic two-form, defined on Minkowski space-time, is studied from a new point of view. The aim of the paper is to obtain an invariant criteria in order to define the radiative field. This criteria generalizes the well-known structureless charge case. We begin with the curvature two-form, because its field equations incorporate the motion of the sources. The gauge theory methods (connection one-forms) are not suited because their field equations do not incorporate the motion of the sources. We obtain an integral solution of the Maxwell equations in the case of a flow of charges in irrotational motion. This solution induces us to propose a new method of solving the problem of the nature of the retarded radiative field. This method is based on a projection tensor operator which, being local, is suited to being implemented on general relativity. We propose the field equations for the pair {electromagnetic field, projection tensor J. These field equations are an algebraic differential first-order system of oneforms, which verifies automatically the integrability conditions.
Teoria de camps (Física)
Teoria electromagnètica
Field theory (Physics)
Electromagnetic theory
(c) American Institute of Physics, 1985
American Institute of Physics

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