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Topologies for poin distributions
Elizalde, E. (Emili), 1950-
Universitat de Barcelona
The concepts of void and cluster for an arbitrary point distribution in a domain D are defined and characterized by some parameters such as volume, density, number of points belonging to them, shape, etc. After assigning a weight to each void and clusterwhich is a function of its characteristicsthe concept of distance between two point configurations S1 and S2 in D is introduced, both with and without the help of a lattice in the domain D. This defines a topology for the point distributions in D, which is different for the different characterizations of the voids and clusters.
Anàlisi espacial (Estadística)
Física matemàtica
Spatial analysis (Statistics)
Mathematical physics
(c) American Institute of Physics, 1987
American Institute of Physics

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