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A Reply to comments by D. Bar-Yosef M. Stiner on "Prehistoric exploitation of marine resources in Southern Africa with particular reference to shellfish gathering: opportunities and continuities"
Jerardino, Antonieta
Universitat de Barcelona
I am very grateful to Daniella E. Bar-Yosef Mayer and Mary Stiner for their comments on an article I published in the previous issue of Pyrenae. Having spent many years working with coastal sites in South Africa and now settling in the Mediterranean academic landscape, I value the feedback from these two well-known archaeologists who have dedicated years of hard work in this later part of the world. Their opinions are very much appreciated for they allow me to bring new contexts to some of the (old) questions I have pursued in South Africa, an exercise that would help me with the process of broadening my research interests to the Mediterranean region.
Mediterrània (Espanya : Costa)
Mediterranean Coast (Spain)
cc-by-nc-nd (c) Jerardino, 2010
Departament de Prehistòria, Història Antiga i Arqueologia. Universitat de Barcelona

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Jerardino, Antonieta; Fort, Joaquim; Isern Sardó, Neus; Rondelli, Bernardo