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Kicker Rocot
Vilarnau Esquirol, Didac
Projecte del programa Erasmus elaborat a Mälardalen University
The objective of this report is to study a system and see which forces take part in. This report will give the way to build and design the source and the components of the system. From de beginning we take some components that we already know. The system is the leg (rod) of a robot football player (Robocup). This leg performs the function of kick a ball, a real soccer ball. The energy of that action it’s provided by electricity. This leg performs an action from a robot that will work together. There will be some parameters that we will need to know to calculate. This study will give a theoretical result. Then we will need to experiment the result in reality. The study is flexible to modify any variable during the design, it mean that the dimension of the system would change the result but not the way to calculate, necessary to compare the results and draw conclusions. The report will says how to calculate and why, because we not always have all the values from the math, sometimes we will need to see the action to solve the math. In this document it is included the results from a lab experiments of the coil.
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