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Estudis de les afectacions d'impacte acústic de l'aeroport de Sabadell al terme municipal de Sant Quirze del Vallès
Rodríguez Bueno, Albert
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Departament d'Organització d'Empreses; Bort Terrats, Àngels; Lafont Rogel, Alejandro
Since I started thinking about the subject of my project, I wanted it to be related with environment, located in a specific location and very innovative. At first it seemed quite difficult and I thought I would finally do my project about a subject proposed by teacher or that had already been studied before. At February I started working at an architecture office as a scholar and I found out the subject I wanted to work on. It seemed quite difficult at the very beginning but as soon I started to work on it with the help of my teachers I defined the goals I wanted to reach and my point of view about the project. Before I started to work on my project, I had to look for a teacher who asesorate me in the best way. It was hard for me because I wanted to work on different subjects I have studied during my studies and I didn't know who would be interested on it. I decided to talk with Alejandro and Mª Àngels and to introduce them the idea I was thinking about, and finally they both accepted to help me. I explained them my idea abut the project and which parts I wanted to focus in and with their help and advice we fastly defined the targets I had to reach and the way I was going to reach them, so we started working (it was about June) following a few specific guidelines. Because of the different subjects I wanted to study, I have had to get information from different sources. The main part of the project has been written based on “el con de servituds, el cadastre municipal”, pictures taken in different kind of dwellings and the “planejament urbanístic”. The other parts are based on the “pla directori de Sant Quirze del Vallès, servituds aeronàutiques de la població”, the research of specific airports legislation, stadistical data about the town taken from Idescat, data taken from the Sant Quirze del Vallès City Hall webpage and other sources I've been looking up during this time.
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Aeroports -- Sabadell (Catalunya)
Aïllament acústic
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

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