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Cal.limac h. VI, Euforió fr. 8 Powell i les "tauletes de maledicció" de Cnidos
Garriga, Carles, 1954-
Universitat de Barcelona
The scene from Callirnachus' H. VI in which Derneter, under the appearance of her arateira Nicippa, curses Erisichthon rnay be related to the arai of Cnidos. On the other hand, Euphorio fr. 8 Powell can be understood better in the light of the curses of Cnidos, where the culprit's name is not rnentioned ut rhe first stage; a similar interpretation can be applied to Ovid's Ibis 7-10, which was probably inspired on Euphorio
Filologia grega
Literatura grega
Greek philology
Greek literature
cc-by-nc (c) Garriga, 1989
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

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