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Creation of a new led's refigeration system for outdoor luminaries. Creation of a company that builds and sells this system and study of all his organization
Asensio Guerrero, David
Lumiste, Rünho
Nowadays, leds are used in many different objects, the problem with this modern invention is that keds warm themselves too much and that's why they need a refrigeration system very big to avoid that leds burnt a cause of heat. The new system of illumination by leds has important advantages in front of other illumination systems: they have a better light output with less power consumption and less lost as heat energy. The problem with the streetlights is that they aren't made from leds because the system of refirgeration to keep leds below aprox. 60ºC is too big and it seems unsightly. Then, my purpose of my project is designed a led's refrigeration system for outdoor luminaries that reduces his size and creation of a company that builds and sells this product to luminaries manufacturers or to city councils. Like my intensification is management, I will study most of my work in creation of a company that sells this product and to study all its viability.
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