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Theory of surface noise under Coulomb correlations between carriers and surface states
Kochelap, V. A. (Viacheslav Aleksandrovich); Sokolov, V. N.; Bulashenko, Oleg; Rubí Capaceti, José Miguel
Universitat de Barcelona
We present a theory of the surface noise in a nonhomogeneous conductive channel adjacent to an insulating layer. The theory is based on the Langevin approach which accounts for the microscopic sources of fluctuations originated from trapping¿detrapping processes at the interface and intrachannel electron scattering. The general formulas for the fluctuations of the electron concentration, electric field as well as the current-noise spectral density have been derived. We show that due to the self-consistent electrostatic interaction, the current noise originating from different regions of the conductive channel appears to be spatially correlated on the length scale correspondent to the Debye screening length in the channel. The expression for the Hooge parameter for 1/f noise, modified by the presence of Coulomb interactions, has been derived
Superfícies (Tecnologia)
Camps elèctrics
Circuits de transistors
Surfaces (Technology)
Electric fields
Transistor circuits
(c) American Institute of Physics, 2002
American Institute of Physics

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