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A study of the effects of PVAC on works of art on paper and wood: pH and colour change
Campo, Gema; Nualart Torroja, Anna; Oriola Folch, Marta; Ruiz Recasens, Cristina
Universitat de Barcelona
This paper presents the preliminary findings of pH and colour measurements carried out on artworks on paperand on wood that had been treated with a poly(vinyl acetate) (PVAC) based adhesive in the 1980s. In both cases, areas treated with PVAC proved to be less acidic than untreated areas. Contrary to expectations, the conservation treatments have not, as yet, increased acidity levels in the objects under study. Colour measurements of the works on paper showed that those that had been backed with a cotton fabric using a mixture of methylcellulose and PVAC were less yellow than those from the same print run that had not been backed. This finding suggests that the backing somehow prevented the natural degradation of the support. In view of these preliminary results, further research is clearly needed. This study forms part of a broader ongoing project to assess the role of PVAC in the conservation of a range of cultural assets.
Conservació i restauració d'obres d'art
Pintura (Producte químic)
Conservation and restoration of art objects
(c) Campo et al., 2009
Archetype Publication Ltd. & The British Museum

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Campo, Gema; Nualart i Torroja, Anna; Oriola Folch, Marta; Ruiz Recasens, Cristina
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