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Application of ZnO-Functionalised-Sepiolite in weaning piglet diets
Vilà i Miquel, Borja; Escribano, F.; Esteban, A.; Fontgibell Seritjol, Anna; Esteve Garcia, Enric; Brufau de Barberà, Joaquim
IRTA. Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentàries
The objective was to evaluate the effect of ZnO-Functionalised-Sepiolite (ZnO-Sepiolite) to fulfil Zn requirements and health status of weaning piglets. Pre-starter Basal Diet (BD, corn– soybean based, from weaning till 14 days on trial) was calculated to provide 27 mg Zn/kg feed from raw materials and had no added ZnO and no antibiotics or organic acids. Treatments during pre-starter period were: 1) BD+90% of NRC Zn requirements completed with ZnO (ZnO90); 2) BD+90% of NRC Zn requirements completed with ZnO-Sepiolite (ZnOS90); 3) BD+3000 mg ZnO/kg of diet (ZnO3000); 4) BD+150 mg added Zn/kg diet from ZnO-Sepiolite (ZnOS150). The starter feed (corn–soybean based, from 14 till 31 days on trial) was common for all piglets, and met 90% NRC Zn requirements by adding ZnO. Diarrhea affected more than 50% of the animals of ZnO90, ZnOS90 and ZnOS150, and 33% of the ZnO3000 animals. Animals from ZnOS90 tended (Pb0.10) to improve Gain to Feed ratio (G:F) compared to animals from ZnO90 (0.830 kg/kg vs. 0.811 kg/kg for G:F). Performance of animals from ZnO3000 was not significantly different from the other treatments, and was numerically similar to animals from ZnOS90. The inclusion of ZnO at 3000 mg/kg of feed in the pre-starter period numerically decreased P in serum at the end of this period, with no effect on Ca level; normal levels were restored after 2 weeks of feeding the same levels of Zn than other animals. Animals fed ZnOSepiolite diets had numerically higher serum Ca than ZnO90 and ZnO3000 at 12 days and higher than ZnO90 at 28 days. Serum Zn levels were significantly higher for ZnO3000 than the other treatments.
63 - Agricultura. Silvicultura. Zootècnia. Caça. Pesca
Garrins -- Alimentació i aliments
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