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Embodying feminist research: learning from action research, political practices, diffractions and collective knowledge.
Zavos, Alexandra; Biglia, Bárbara
Universitat de Barcelona
In the past three decades, feminists and critical theorists have discussed and argued the importance of deconstructing and problematizing social science research methodology in order to question normalized hierarchies concerning the production of knowledge and the status of truth claims. Nevertheless, often, these ideas have basically remained theoretical propositions not embodied in research practices. In fact there is very little published discussion about the difficulties and limits of their practical application. In this paper we introduce some interconnected reflections starting from two different but related experiences of embodying 'feminist activist research'. Our aim is to emphasise the importance of attending to process, making mistakes and learning during fieldwork, as well as experimenting with personalized forms of analysis, such as the construction of narratives and the story-telling process.
Pensament polític
Teoria feminista
Emigració i immigració
Moviments socials
Political thought
Feminist theory
Emigration and immigration
Social movements
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